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How long are Ooredoo Prepaid SIMs valid for if you don't recharge them>

asked Oct 12 in Technology by Sam
I have 2 Ooredoo prepaid SIM cards. I'll be returning to Kuwait after nearly 4 months. During the time I was away, the SIMs were not used - not connected to any network even on roaming, I did not top up the balance. Does anyone know how long Ooredoo prepaid SIMs are valid for? Will I be able to keep using my old number after recharging? Or will I needs to get new connections?

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1 Answer

answered Oct 12 by anonymous
it depends on the last top-up you made. if you charge for 25KD, you get 1 year validity.

if you recharge 5 KD, you get 1 month validity.

you can still recharge online and get the validity extended.
commented Oct 12 by anonymous
From their website:
• Line validity will be based on last recharge denomination, or current line validity, whichever is higher
• Line will get into grace period & subsequently will be churned. After churn, number will be re-cycled and customer will lose the ownership of line
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