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Is anyone else noticing excessive air pollution all the time. Open a car window and immediately it smells like you are directly behind 10 busses.

asked Dec 14, 2017 in Other by anonymous
Is this because everyone switched to cheaper gas?

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4 Answers

answered Dec 14, 2017 by Mark (62,380 points)
No, it has nothing to do with the amount of octane in the gas.

To monitor the pollution levels in Kuwait you can use this link http://aqicn.org/city/kuwait/kuwait-city/us-embassy/
commented Dec 18, 2017 by BlackSwan
Any idea how accurate is that "monitor"? On a dusty day was showing 85 and on what was looking as a fine day was showing 105.
answered Dec 14, 2017 by anonymous
If you google weather on your phone, you can see the air quality in your current location. Most of the day its bad, at night its usually moderate. But yes, air quality is probably shit in Kuwait. A million cars all out at the same time and no greenery plus sand. I don't see any reason why Kuwait would have good air quality.
answered Dec 15, 2017 by anonymous
I don’t need a website to tell me I am inhaling shit.  My question is about why the pollution seems to have increased like crazy lately. (Or am I just crazy and my nose is more sensitive all of a sudden)
answered Dec 16, 2017 by anonymous
You should contact KISR (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research). They have scientists and experts who will give you the proper answer you are seeking.

If you feel you're going crazy you should contact Kuwait Centre for Mental Health. They have medical professionals who give you a proper treatment.

Hope this helps.
commented Dec 16, 2017 by anonymous
Great stuff
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