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How to estimate a good price to sell my used games in kuwait

asked Dec 16, 2017 in Technology by Killshot (690 points)
So I've been trying to sell my used games for a while, after doing some research, creating accounts on ads sites and taking photos I am not 100% sure of my prices and I am kinda afraid I might be listing them too low/high. I tried rehab but their prices are unreliable as most wanted 6 ps4 games for 5 kd and one had the audacity to say he was going buy horizon zero dawn for 300 fils and told me he sells used horizon dawn 1 kd all the time, to that I replied "oh wow 1 kd I'll buy another copy" but he unfortunately had just ran out, how strange. xcite is, of course, unreliable,ebay is also too cheap like how someone outbid my bid 5.83$ for uncharted 4 and won for 6.53$, amazon is a tad overpriced. So now I am here looking for answers, I could go to rehab and pretend I am buying these games and see the average price I'd get. Remember I am not trying to find the cheapest price I am trying to find the highest price that I can list without being too outrageous

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