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I decluttering clothers , books , furniture and some old electronics ..is there a place in Q8 where i can sell this stuff for little money ?

asked Dec 16, 2017 in Personal by Sam

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2 Answers

answered Dec 16, 2017 by anonymous
I am pretty sure the only suggestions you'll get here are
1. 248 Classifieds (which is so poorly set up that ads buried deep without a sale, or at best you get only lowballing offers) or

2. The weird 4Sale app which is useless to browse/sell.

I'm keenly watching for a better and more efficient solution, as I also need to sell a lot of things. I wish Expatriates.com was more popular here, just like its in other GCC countries.
commented Dec 21, 2017 by Anonymous
4sale is actually helpful, I just sold something from it
answered Dec 21, 2017 by anonymous
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