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Anyone know of any events or restaurants throwing something special for new years eve?

asked Dec 17, 2017 in Activities by anonymous

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5 Answers

answered Dec 17, 2017 by Khaled (3,700 points)
nice try MOI
commented Dec 17, 2017 by anonymous
Haha no no no just dont want to find out about the restaurants 2 days before new years like last year and ended no finding a reservation in any.
answered Dec 17, 2017 by anonymous
Check with hotels, they're probably the most likely to have something, especially Jumeirah.
answered Dec 18, 2017 by Anonymous
Check with PALM PALACE RESTAURANT, Salmiya  I think they have New Year's Eve Celebration  (as well they have Christmas Eve promotion).
answered Dec 18, 2017 by BlackSwan
Most Hotels and restaurants are getting something organized for Christmas and New Year.
Here`s the Holiday Inn menu:
answered Dec 18, 2017 by kk12002 (4,500 points)
courtyard Marriott
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