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Where can I find gluten free and dairy free bread in kuwait?

asked Dec 21, 2017 in Food by anonymous
I’ve been looking for gluten free and dairy free bread in kuwait but I could only find gluten free bread. Please if you know where I could find gluten free and dairy free bread comment?

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7 Answers

answered Dec 21, 2017 by anonymous
bread usually doesnt have dairy in it anyway
answered Dec 24, 2017 by Salah
Let's see here:

1- Check the traditional Iranian bakeries in the areas found mostly in the co-op squares (khabaz irani). For one, I'm sure they don't use dairies, and I'm pretty sure you can provide them your preferred ingredients and ask them to bake your bread using it. Of course expect to pay more than what you usually pay for pre-baked bread bought at stores.

2- Have you tried the specialty supermarket and groceries? Saveco, The approved Market, Lulu Hyper, and there's another one in Salmiya behind Marks & Spencer that I forgot its name (part of Saveco).

3- Rumaithiya Iranian bakery in Block 7 is very different than the regular ones, they bake their break with no yeast. Check them out 29.316279, 48.078299

4- I know I've seen at least one Instagram account of a home-business that specializes in baking special bread for different diets. Here's one I just found @figsoliveskw.

5- This should've been #1, but Nature Land stores are super healthy and organic in everything that comes to mind. There's a store in Qadsiya and I've seen many types of dietary bread. If you didn't find baked bread, you can definitely buy their dietary flour (wheat, gluten free..ect.).

This is what came to mind so far, I hope you find it helpful and get to enjoy bread. Cheers!
answered Dec 24, 2017 by anonymous
Kuwait flour mills have gluten free products. check the blow link

answered Mar 28 by Ahmad Alharbi
Ameer Alumara bakery main store in Hawalli
But you should ask director to mix 80% rice flour
With 20% corn or flaxseed flour
In advance one day
answered Mar 31 by anonymous
Check raha stone mill! Best and freshest (Arabic) bread in town but you should ask for gluten free best in arabic^^
Otherwise you will find in saveco - the Branche next to symphony tower definitely has it since it is sloganed with “wholesome”.
answered Apr 1 by anonymous
raha by natureland (next to crystal tower in city)
j's in shaab ( opposite crumbs bakery)
answered May 27 by anonymous
at the Kuwait Flour Mills Bakery

check their website below the link:

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