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Can I recharge a Zain prepaid line remotely while my friend is out of Kuwait?

asked Dec 27, 2017 in Technology by DJN (2,550 points)
Do I need to do via the Zain website, or can he do it via SMS from overseas too?

Also, what's the bare minimum plan that he can be on? No internet or minutes are needed - only keeping the line alive to receive OTPs and bank's SMS.

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1 Answer

answered Dec 27, 2017 by Anonymous
Yes with online you'll receive a code which u can send to him and can use it. Another method is to use the zain application, it asks you for the number that u want to recharge.

And for the last question as long as his ra9eed (amount of money in number) is above zero it should be fine, and he should send use the phone every month. A simple text message per month should do
commented Dec 28, 2017 by DJN (2,550 points)
I know about the code. Was wondering if he can recharge with that code, while on a roaming network?
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