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Buying iPhone x

asked Dec 28, 2017 in Technology by Sma
I decided to go and buy iPhone x today (super excited)  and want to buy all necessary accerories but someone told me NOT to buy the screen sticker because the screen doesn't get scratched and messes up the face recognition...... is that true?

P.s I'm going to buy it from xcite for  369kd 256gb is there any better deal ??
Thanks guys

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2 Answers

answered Dec 28, 2017 by anonymous
Get the glass screen protection its 3-5 kd
it doesn't mess up the face recognition.

New screen costs around 150-200 kd
answered Dec 28, 2017 by anonymous
Be careful with it and dont drop it and slide it around.  I dont use a screen protector or a case.  The phone feels lovely.  You will kill that feeling with a case.  The screen protector also feels annoying and takes away from the seamless screen curves.  GO NAKED.  But dont come crying to me when you break things.  I replace my phones often and have broken some in the past, but I will never use a case.  Its worth it.
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