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Where can i buy a USB Audio Interface in Kuwait?

asked Dec 29, 2017 in Technology by Mohamad
Hello everyone!

I am trying to find a Usb Audio Interface to connect my XLR microphone to my PC.

Something like this


I'd rather not order it online, so if any of you know where i can buy one or if you are selling one, let me know!


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3 Answers

answered Dec 29, 2017 by anonymous
Why not get an adapter and plug it directly to your PC sound card ?
commented Dec 29, 2017 by Mohamad
Because then it wouldn't be any different to a USB powered microphone.  I am trying to get the maximum audio quality from my microphone without breaking the bank.
commented Dec 31, 2017 by anonymous
if u have a good soundcard then you could just connect the line in..
answered Dec 31, 2017 by anonymous
check with aabworld or adawliah ...
answered Jan 2 by anonymous
I could sell you mine that I basically never used. It has 2 inputs for a microphone and a guitar, comes with it’s microphone.
commented Jan 2 by anonymous
Thank you, but i found one at Best :)

I appreciate your offer though!
commented Oct 9 by anonymous
How much for you audio interface I want to buy
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