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Anyone knows the location of collecting the refund from the cancellation of electricity. Any informaion would be a big help.tnx!

asked Jan 2 in Housing by anonymous

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2 Answers

answered Jan 2 by anonymous
You need to go to the MEW Office for your locality with the papers.

commented Jan 3 by anonymous
I have cancelled &  all the papers are with me.just want to know where to go collect that money i have deposited.
commented Jan 3 by anonymous
I heard this surrey Ho but dnt know where it is and if its correct.i need the exact location pls.
commented Jan 3 by anonymous
You have to take the documents to Ministry of electricity and water MEW south surra near the civil id building
u have to show them ur documents there and they will deposit the amount in your bank account

This how I got my money back
commented Feb 8 by anonymous
How long before you got yours.i was told just a month but a month has passed & still nothing.
answered Jan 3 by DeMatt
After you get the papers from your MEW Office which says you have no balance, you need to go to the main MEW offices in South Surra. Before you go there, go to your bank and get an account statement. Tell them its for the electricity clearance, and you get this paper with your bank info and the IBAN number and stuff... There you need to go upstairs and get a couple of signatures, then go downstairs and give these documents in... a few weeks, and the deposit is credited to your account.
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