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Fiber optic areas in Kuwait

asked Jan 2 in Technology by Killshot (690 points)
I am currently searching for a place to move to and I'd prefer if it had fiber. Can anyone tell me the list of places that support it. I am deciding whether to move to surra, nuzha, faiha,adailiya or qortuba do you know if any of those places currently support fiber or will soon support it.

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2 Answers

answered Jan 2 by anonymous
commented Jan 2 by Killshot (690 points)
already saw that, it's too outdated march 2016 basically 2 years ago. I realize kuwait is slow so probably not much has happened but come on 2 years ago get a better source
commented Jan 3 by Khaled (3,700 points)
damn go find your own source then, ungrateful bum
commented Jan 3 by khan
^^ hard to even try and help ppl these days.
commented Jan 3 by anonymous
By fiber optic, do they mean Gigabit fiber (1Gbps) or will it be DSL/LTE speeds on a fiber network?
commented Jan 3 by Khaled (3,700 points)
@khan seriously! im gonna give the guy the benefit of the doubt and  assume he got lost in translation and didn't mean to sound like a complete douchebag
commented Jan 3 by Killshot (690 points)
@Khaled I already found that source it was at the top of the google search, I've already searched through google that's why I am asking residents instead. While I appreciate their answer it's not what I am looking for, I am looking for something more updated. You however just came to insult me adding no worthwhile contribution whatsoever, please try to help if you can't at least don't be a burden.
commented Jan 3 by Killshot (690 points)
I don't think they mean 1gbps just internet higher than normal adsl, 1gbps is probably only reserved for big businesses, this person installed their own fiber and even then they were getting speeds of 10-100mbps for a cost of 2,350KD per year so 1gbps :/ I don't think so here's a link https://kuwaitiful.com/information/install-fiber-optics-house-without-area-fiber-optics/
commented Jan 3 by anonymous
Thanks for your reply. I guess I wont be interested in fiber if it rolled out in my area unless we get speeds and prices similar to google fiber (1Gbps for $70).
commented Jan 3 by Khaled (3,700 points)
edited Jan 4 by Khaled
commented Jan 3 by Killshot (690 points)
The situation for fixed broadband is pretty much hopeless for kuwait but mobile internet seems to be doing well at 2015 "the fastest internet speed" (I am not sure if it was just advertised so) was 700mbps with fiber optics by fasttelco but earlier in September zain was able to get speeds of over 70gbps while testing 5g technology keep in mind it will probably be at least 19-20 before we actually see 5g but still there's hope :)

here are my sources if you want to check them out:
answered Jan 3 by anonymous
Check the quality net website or call them or other ISPs directly.
commented Jan 3 by Killshot (690 points)
I tried that they were completely useless, one worker referred me to their instagram page which had nothing of value and then she said she'll redirect me to the ministry of communication but she didn't. I heard nothing after the "redirect" I waited for a min or 2 and then closed. I actually only tried quality net because they're my isp hmm maybe I'll try other isps see how that works out :/
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