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Where to buy the hottest chili powder?

asked Jan 3 in Food by David
Hi. When buying chili powder in the states you could always guarantee ur getting a spicy chili powder since they declare the "scoville scale" most of the time(that's the unit to measure hotness). Unfortunately, it's been a disappointment to find spicy chili in Kuwait despite all the imported products from India and Thailand. So could anyone point me in the right direction? I'd even settle for chili extract at this point.

Tldr; chili powder in Kuwait isn't really hot, any place you know that sells the hottest chili powder here?

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4 Answers

answered Jan 3 by anonymous

try kashmiri..

also you could actually buy the dried Indian chili or chili seeds and test yourself available @ lulu/gulfmarts ...specialty you could check TSC
commented Jan 4 by David
Kashmiri isn't hot, it even says so in ur article.
I tried those place and they don't have anything that would leave you burning for 30 minutes or so from just a taste. Adding too much of cold chili powder in a meal doesn't make it hotter, it just over powers the taste. I'm looking for something that would burn u buy adding just 1 table spoon of it because that's how spicy food should be. It should burn and yet retain all the flavors.
commented Jan 4 by anonymous
what about those tobacco sause etc..
commented Jan 4 by David
tabasco isn't hot unless you can point me to a place that has the habanero kind
for all the spicy food love in kuwait, it is very lacking.
answered Feb 27 by AGS
commented Apr 17 by anonymous
answered Apr 17 by Dan_inKuwait
answered Apr 17 by anonymous
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