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I have an e-visa, what do I do upon arrival in Kuwait International Airport

asked Jan 5 in Other by Frank
I have received my Kuwaiti e-visa for travel later this month, can anyone tell me what the procedure is when I actually arrive at Kuwait International Airport.

Do I still need to visit the visa section and purchase the stamps? Is there a separate line or area for people with e-visas? Is the whole process identical to getting for a visa on arrival?

I've searched Google and found no information on how to arrive with an e-visa, that's why I'm asking here, hopefully someone can help me out with the process.

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1 Answer

answered Jan 7 by Riba (2,520 points)
Yes, you still need to go to the visa counter and you will have to pay 3 KWD.
commented Jan 7 by Frank
Thank you very much Riba.
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