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Contract And Civil ID

asked Jan 7 in Work by anonymous
i'm only in kuwait for a year, and my contract SHOULD end in November or December 2018.
however my civil id expired last Nov.2017, and since then i'm only in a visa extension.

now my question is, what will be the ground for me to go back home? is it the contract or the expiration of my civil id?

and by the way, i still don't have my civil id because my company is not yet processing it.


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1 Answer

answered Jan 7 by anonymous
during visa extension passport = identification document as extension stamped there

civil id = after work-permit (based on your contract which u signed) + residency for a year + address of stay = used for all other stuff in kwt

go back home = check with company since on temp if you go back -- you cannot do reentry on that
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