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Anyone suffered after sales problems with Xcite Al Ghanim Electronics

asked Jan 8 in Technology by Shafiq
Some of the stuff XCITE sell is very cheap. I bough a vacuum cleaner called Bravo for 9.900 KD a few months ago. It stopped working before the 12 month warranty was due. My wife suggested to buy a new one but a better brand. I am sure we will end up doing that anyway.

In any case I took my Bravo to the Xcite workshop out of curiosity. They were very effieicnt and took it in for repair. I get a call from them a week later saying it was fixed and ready.

When I got it home - exactly the same problem. I am convinced they didn't do anything. the vacuum is currently selling for 7.900KD. I am sure they think I will not go back as its probably more in petrol costs then the cost of buying new.

I am trying to contact the post sales manager.

The reason I am doing this is because xcite and many other suppliers selling cheap China produced electronics are  taking advantage of consumers. Yes they are selling it cheap - but so cheap that nobody wants to use their workshop.

Any advice? Should I just give up? Should I buy the same cheap vacuum?? Should I buy a better more expensive one?

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2 Answers

answered Jan 8 by anonymous
edited Jan 8
Basically when you buy a vaccum clearner its better to buy a good brand like Panasonic (higher once are made in japan) or  Nilfisk. Further these comes with warranty and have better service since these are established brands in Kuwait.
commented Jan 8 by Mark (62,300 points)
I've had my Nilfisk for 14 years, taken a lot of abuse and still runs like a champ. My parents Nilfisk is 20+ years old and still runs like new.
commented Jan 8 by anonymous
Where can I get a Nilfisk in Kuwait? What price range are they in?
commented Jan 9 by Mark (62,300 points)
Dealer is located across the street from Behbehani Complex, they're called Al Marafie. I think I paid 140 or 160KD 14 years ago, not sure. But I think they're all over 100KD.
answered Jan 8 by anonymous
Always test your stuf there before you leave. They normally encourage that too.
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