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are there any private events for perfumes and abayas that i can participate in?

asked Jan 8 in Events by Adil
i am looking for some beneficial events/expos for perfumes & high end abayas to take part in.

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2 Answers

answered Jan 9 by anonymous
there are events that happen @ kuwait international fair grounds... check on google for details
commented Jan 10 by Adk
thanks for you response ,
but i am looking for better events as in the exhibitions kif for perfumes there are all duplicate perfumes suppliers which downgrades my products as i have all original branded perfumes
answered Jan 10 by Syed Fraz Mosharraf
There are few expos that take place through out the year.

1. Instagram: @samaexpo https://www.instagram.com/samaexpo/  Usually at Gate Mall and 360 Mall
2. Instagram: @Halaexpo https://www.instagram.com/halaexpo/  Usually at Al Hamra Mall
3. Instagram: @LightExpo.kw https://www.instagram.com/lightexpo.kw/  Usually at the Mall but also KIF
4. Instagram: @BrandbazaarExpo https://www.instagram.com/brandbazaarexpo/
5. Instagram: @villaUNO https://www.instagram.com/villauno/
6. Instagram: @qoutmarket https://www.instagram.com/qoutmarket/ at Al Shaheed Park - circle of peace
7. Instagram: @stage.expo https://www.instagram.com/stage.expo/  at the ProKart Circuit
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