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I want to ask about the poker chips cuz I used to play with them a lot in the UK but couldn’t find any in Kuwait. if anyone knows where to buy them I appreciate it.

asked Jan 9 in Other by anonymous
I play poker and blackjack with friends ( nothing illegal XD ) but can’t find any chips or kits for the games :s

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3 Answers

answered Jan 9 by anonymous
check tsc ... true value... etc..or order online via ubuy mrbabu..
commented Jan 9 by anonymous
tsc? which branch?
answered Jan 10 by anonymous
I don't think I have seen any lately, but I bought mine while I was traveling, and yeah nobody cares because it doesn't look like a bottle.
answered Jan 24 by Hams Hussein (580 points)
They are, As per my knowledge, illegal in Kuwait.
So no, you won't be able to buy it anywhere in Kuwait.

You can't order it online either, It'll get held in customs,Unless you got a 'Wasta' of some sort.

Your best luck would be to find someone willing to sell theirs locally or bringing it in yourself, you might be able to get it through, IF, you're lucky.

Cheers mate.
commented Jun 22 by anonymous
You can get them in the Friday Market if you are lucky  ..
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