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Is Blink a trustworthy website to buy from?

asked Jan 10 in Technology by DJN (1,910 points)
I was looking at microSD cards and USB flash disks (a certain brand and specs) and can find them only at Eureka or Blink. Xcite has them, but priced higher.

Is Blink trustworthy to buy from? Do they have a local store or only online operations?

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3 Answers

answered Jan 10 by anonymous
Ofcourse, I order from them all the time. They have a physical brick and mortar store in hawally.
answered Jan 10 by anonymous
they are a local shop in hawally you can visit hawally and get better deals for msd and usb as the price  is cheaper even @ the local shops there... or you can place order and collect from there shop after calling them..if you dont want delivery since it adds 1 kwd more or something
answered Jan 10 by anonymous
Although their website sucks, they are trustworthy and they have express delivery in less than 4 hours (extra 2.5 KD) Once the driver is on his way, you will receive an email and you will be able to track him à la carriage, but it kind of looks broken.
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