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What are the best things to do on a Saturday night in Kuwait?

asked 5 days ago in Activities by kpelchy
Will have 24 hours in Kuwait in March, on a Saturday.  What are the best things to do/see/eat on a  Saturday?

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2 Answers

answered 5 days ago by anonymous
Best answer
local souqs in kuwait city (4 hrs) + kuwait towers (1hr) + souq sharq (2 hrs) + avenues  (3 hrs)
commented 5 days ago by anonymous
FUCK THAT.  Dont go to any malls, especially not on a Sat.
commented 5 days ago by DJN (750 points)
You forgot to add time for traffic and finding parking. LOL
commented 4 days ago by kpelchy
Thanks for the recommendations.  I'll be using a taxi or bus, so not worried about parking.  Traffic may be an issue, but I live in NYC - so I'm not sure if it will be as bad as this. haha.
answered 4 days ago by anonymous
The Opera House Musical Fountain is good and there are some nice restaurants there (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1MiCQtKeKY).
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