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Your favorite coffee shop and your favorite coffee from there?

asked Jan 12 in Food by anonymous

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4 Answers

answered Jan 25 by anonymous
Starbucks - iced white mocha + vanilla cream frappacino
Spanish latte from anywhere lol
answered Jan 26 by Reem
Arabica is the best  The others
answered Jan 28 by Khaled (3,700 points)
Richard's coffee for a very simple thing they do that makes the difference between them and other coffee shops, chmex or v60 medium roast prefer either african or south american

arabica is ok but their beans are old and its all about their marketing imo

starbucks... shite.
commented Jan 28 by Mark (62,300 points)
I currently work with Arabica and can assure you the beans are not old and we barely do any marketing (one of the reasons I was brought in). If you head to the Roastery at our Shuwaikh location on any given morning, you'll see our head roaster busy roasting fresh beans.

Here is our location: https://goo.gl/maps/5PUy2vvCZzH2

If you'd like a tour of the roastery just let me know!
answered Jan 28 by anonymous
arabica has a magical taste to it. taste soo good my knet is bleeding from that place
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