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What are the best steak restaurants in kuwait?

asked Jan 14, 2018 in Food by Sara

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6 Answers

answered Jan 14, 2018 by anonymous
The Meat Co.

no competition really.
answered Jan 16, 2018 by anonymous
I really like La Brasa
answered Jan 17, 2018 by anonymous

Meat and Co

Pasa Steakhouse ( has dry aged)

commented Jan 17, 2018 by Mark (68,180 points)
Pasa? Where is that
commented Jan 20, 2018 by Sharan
commented Jan 23, 2018 by anonymous
you got to include Sultan Chef. Good Steak
answered Jan 19, 2018 by anonymous
answered Jan 20, 2018 by Hamad
commented Apr 21, 2018 by Mj
That’s horrible
commented Apr 21, 2018 by Hamad
Then what do you recommend?
answered Mar 27, 2018 by Abdullah (1,080 points)
The Meat Co. 360MALL

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