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I hold a Kuwaiti Driver’s license and need an official letter certifying years of driving experience to obtain a Canadian Driver’s license

asked Jan 15, 2018 in Automotive by anonymous
Without this letter I will have to start like any new driver and go through a long waiting period and many tests in Canada. Where can I get a letter of driving experience in Kuwait? Please help, thanks.

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2 Answers

answered Jan 16, 2018 by anonymous
You can’t.  If you think the lovely people at the MOI are going to write you a letter, then you haven’t lived here long enough.  Your best best is to get a notarized copy of your license.  The front has the expiry date and the back has the very initial issue date.  Its English so no translation needed.
answered Jan 16, 2018 by anonymous
You don't get it from here. It needs to be translated by an approved translator in Canada and submitted when you're applying for the G1 (assuming you're going to Ontario).
Even then, this will only give you one year of experience which you can then use to apply for a road test (city driving). But at least it's better than having to drive with the restrictions of a G1 license for a year.
If you're going to Mississauga, contact this guy (Rasool Daban +1-416-450-4510), he did my license.
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