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Where can I take my wife to enjoy a a few rounds of pool or bowling in a family friendly environment not crowded by teenagers pumped full of puberty hormones?

asked Jan 16 in Activities by anonymous

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3 Answers

answered Jan 16 by Syed Fraz Mosharraf
I believe Sea Club Salmiya would be a good place.

The other places  like Monte Carlo, Hawally and Khaitan Pool Clubs need to up their game for family friendly.

For Bowling - Cozmo - Discovery at Kuwait City, and in Kaifan.
commented Jan 24 by Hams Hussein (580 points)
If you're refering to Monte Carlo in Salmiya, it closed eons ago. Eons in the sense like a couple of years ago.

answered Jan 16 by Anonymous
There's a hotel next to plaza in salmiya... in its basement there are some pool tables. Last time I went there were very few teenagers and they were behaving themselves
commented Mar 20 by PK
Yeah there is a huge arena in the basement of Salmiya Plaza hotel (Opposite AUK). It has around 30+ pool tables with a separate sections for families. It is also quite economical.
answered Jan 17 by Mark (62,300 points)
You can play pool and bowl at the Bowl Room at 360 Mall and also at Cozmo in the basement of Discovery Mall although I think they have pool at their other bowling locations as well.
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