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Need help with: Buying a used SUV from a decent dealership

asked Jan 19, 2018 in Automotive by anonymous
I am looking to buy a used SUV (see details below) and need to know how things work in Kuwait to make sure I get a good deal. By that, I mean to have a car that is 3-4 years old, in a decent condition and I prefer to come from a dealership that is trusted.

These are the things that I am looking for more or less:

- Budget: 3500 to 4500 KD
- Type of Car: SUV (Honda CRV, Mazda CX5, Nissan XTrail, etc)
- Model Year: 2012, 2013, 2014 (depending on price)


- Dealership: Can you recommend a decent and trustworthy dealership in Kuwait?
- Negotiation: Is it common here to negotiate a price at a dealership? Or is their price fixed?
- Mechanical check: Is it OK to bring either a mechanic to check a used car out, or take the car to a mechanic to check it out before buying?
- Mechanic: Can you mention any mechanics who you find trustworthy (phone numbers would be fine)
- Insurance: How does insurance work in Kuwait? Where should I start looking into it?
- Other things to look out for: Anything else I should keep in mind?

Thank you for your help, I owe you some falafel sandwiches on me.

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3 Answers

answered Jan 20, 2018 by anonymous
commented Jan 21, 2018 by anonymous
Thank you
answered Jan 20, 2018 by Syed Fraz Mosharraf
Let me start with some general information.

If you are looking for reliable dealership, then following are a few (No specific Order).

Al Mulla Motors - http://www.carmaxkw.com/
Alghanim Used Cars - http://www.alghanim.com/Automotive/VehicleSales/UsedCars/index.htm
Chevrolet Pre-owned Cars - http://www.chevroletalghanim.com/pre-owned-vehicles/
Behbehani - http://www.behbehaniused.com/
Kuwait Finance House - https://www.kfh.com/en/cars/Auto-Financing-New/Used-Cars.html
Aayan Auto - http://www.aayanauto.com/en/products/used-cars
Hyundai Used Cars - http://www.hyundai.com/kw/en/Shopping/UsedCar/index.html
Porsche - https://www.porsche.com/middle-east/_kuwait_/approvedused/
q8Car.com - https://www.q8car.com/index.php/public/kuwait/en/home

Most of the above have showrooms in Al- Rai, Shuwaikh, Dajeej, Fahaheel where you can check the vehicle out and see the test reports.
Some dealerships allow you to take the vehicle to a Service check location.
Mechanics, you can take someone with you to check these vehicles.
Insurance companies usually have a desk at these locations and you can enquire with them at those desks.
commented Jan 21, 2018 by anonymous
avoid al mulla at all costs.
commented Jan 21, 2018 by anonymous
OP here, thanks for the informative post. I went through a few links and found a couple of potential options.

By the way, would you recommend a specific mechanic for checking a used car?

Thanks again, much appreicated.
commented Jan 21, 2018 by anonymous
Al Mulla: I am interested to see why, is it from your experience, or is it generally a bad reputation?
commented Jan 21, 2018 by anonymous
Bad reputation, and this has been the case for more than 10 years at least.
answered Jan 21, 2018 by anonymous
Negotiation: Some dealerships are known to have fixed prices like Alghanim and not going down a single KD, while other dealerships can knock down up to 1000KD (for new cars), so you might try to negotiate for about 100 KD, depending on how much the car costs.

Mechanical check: If you're going to an official car dealer, you cannot check the car, but there will be some kind of guarantee that everything in the car was properly checked.

Insurance: The dealership will most likely provide you with the insurance required by law for free, for full insurance you will have to buy it yourself through any of the insurance companies.

Other things:
Official dealership: Cars are more expensive, but guaranteed to have no faults, easier process.
Buying straight from seller: Cheaper, almost always negotiable, can do mechanical check but still discover faults in the car, have to do all paperwork yourself.
commented Jan 21, 2018 by anonymous
Cheers, thanks for the info!
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