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Do hotels in Kuwait process/provide tourist visas? TIA.

asked Jan 20 in Other by anonymous
My sister-in-law resides in UAE but her residency there is under 6 months so she cannot avail of the GCC Tourist E-visa anymore. Wondering if any of the hotels here provide such visas like the one in the UAE or Oman.

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3 Answers

answered Jan 20 by anonymous
yes. they do.
answered Jan 20 by anonymous
I'm not aware of hotels providing tourist visas. There are specific nationalities that do visa on arrival. May be worth checking if she qualifies
answered Jan 22 by anonymous
Almost all the hotels do. You only need to book at least one night with them, tell them you will need a tourist visa and provide them a copy of the passport and UAE residency and they will process it, send you a copy, and drop the original at the airport.

Note that you still have to check in and out but don't actually have to stay at the hotel.
commented Jan 23 by Kevin
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