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Dear ALL, can we discuss how to make roads safe for decent and safe driving in kuwait ? coz it seems like this road's are full of idiot's

asked Jan 20 in Automotive by mr. KHAN (160 points)

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5 Answers

answered Jan 20 by mr. KHAN (160 points)
I thinks we have to start a campaign to educate people specially young kids with the joint collaboration with traffic departments what you all says. suggestions highly appreciated for #ours all's well being.:)
answered Jan 21 by anonymous
Yes, we can.
answered Jan 22 by Avid Cyclist
Its easy. Just keep the cars on the road and get rid of the idiots.
answered Jan 26 by anonymous
The driving license test is a joke. They only test you on parallel parking. Not on your proper driving skills on the road. Its stupid and its the reason why we have so many idiots on the road.
answered Jan 26 by anonymous
Only an idiot would write ‘coz’. So let’s start by revoking your license.
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