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Dear ALL, can we discuss how to make roads safe for decent and safe driving in kuwait ? coz it seems like this road's are full of idiot's

asked Jan 20, 2018 in Automotive by mr. KHAN (160 points)

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8 Answers

answered Jan 20, 2018 by mr. KHAN (160 points)
I thinks we have to start a campaign to educate people specially young kids with the joint collaboration with traffic departments what you all says. suggestions highly appreciated for #ours all's well being.:)
answered Jan 21, 2018 by anonymous
Yes, we can.
answered Jan 22, 2018 by Avid Cyclist
Its easy. Just keep the cars on the road and get rid of the idiots.
answered Jan 26, 2018 by anonymous
The driving license test is a joke. They only test you on parallel parking. Not on your proper driving skills on the road. Its stupid and its the reason why we have so many idiots on the road.
answered Jan 26, 2018 by anonymous
Only an idiot would write ‘coz’. So let’s start by revoking your license.
commented Mar 31, 2018 by anonymous
My thoughts exactly.
answered Apr 1, 2018 by Tarek
1- Driving Test.
Really it is just a joke,, a waste of time.. it is only there to test that you know what a car look like, how to move from point A to B regardless of how, and how to pass the exact test they have.

They don't test people in real roads with real life situations, the police officer/tester don't even get in the car with you, they have a full track inside with various roads, but the tester only stands on the side of one road waiting for you to step over the sideway to fail you.. only master this part which will make you an expert in Avenues parking only but not a good driver.

The tester only rides with you if you took the exam inside the driving school (not always) and only if you don't have a real good Wasta.

2- Learning how to drive:
The process of learning how to drive is based on the meaningless and useless driving test, no real value and no real training. Only luck determines if you have a good instructor who really teaches you how to drive as a normal human being.
answered Apr 8, 2018 by anonymous
I have a solution if people would like to listen.

Endangered driving is mainly due to people in some sort of rush or texting. Right?

Why not have luxurious buses for the GCC citizens only that have different routes and deliver them to their location based on a route. The buses act as a transportation pod while their served coffee and tea and can be hands free all the time. They can invite their friends as well and have a dewaniya sort of experience on the luxurious bus.

This will solve traffic, improve social problems and allow the population to mingle without killing one another.

China already have something like this minus the luxury.
commented Apr 8, 2018 by flyjbfly (750 points)
Its a good idea but sadly it never worked out for china: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transit_Elevated_Bus

At the least Ive seen new buses being operated by citibus recently, which is a bit of an upgrade in terms of public transport. If Kuwait would get on with the “approved proposal” of the train system, I would definitely ditch my car and use the trains.
answered Apr 10, 2018 by anonymous
It's also about how people have no respect for anyone and think it's okay to cut people in line every single day -as if their time is more valuable than others. Even the drivers who are clearly not in a hurry or empty taxis have joined with the (everyone is doing it mentality) I even see women with their drivers instructing them to get out of the lines and cut in the front or just use the safety (right) lane.

Even with cops there, people don't care and it literally does not stop them

I suffer from this everyday coming back from work going into Mishref from Kind Fahad road. Makes me furious
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