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Where can I find a Laser Wash station?

asked Jan 20 in Automotive by Mark (59,880 points)
I used to go wash my car at the Oula gas station on the Jawazat roundabout because they had the laser wash there. But now the station is under construction and don't know of another place that has it.

The laser wash is an automatic car wash that doesn't use spinning brushes. Nothing actually touches your car throughout the whole process except for water and soap.

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4 Answers

answered Jan 20 by anonymous
commented Jan 20 by Mark (59,880 points)
I don't want to drive by every oula gas station to check...
commented Jan 23 by anonymous
not there... maybe on 4th ring road one place
answered Jan 21 by anonymous
I am pretty sure the kuwait city one opposite to khaleejia building near hamra business tower station has it . Other than that either messila or mubarak kabeer branch one are the only options.
answered Jan 21 by anonymous
answered Jan 21 by Joe
Oula next to KOTC building.
commented Jan 22 by Mark (59,880 points)
thanks, passed by today and found it there
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