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Where can i find protein powder in kuwait?

asked Jan 20 in Other by anonymous
I was told protein here in kuwait would be expensive, BUT I DIDNT EXPECT THE PRICE TO BE SO HIGH, so i need whey protein for an affordable price, any good places i can buy whey protein?

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3 Answers

answered Jan 21 by anonymous
I usually order from sporter.com. they deliver to kuwait in 3 days. since they charge 5 kwd for shipment you can order 2-3 months supply in one go to save on shipping.
answered Jan 21 by anonymous
check there is a shop called 6 pack nutrition in salmiya.(opposite to Mr baker) They sell european brands which are much cheaper and has good reviews over the net. they might fit your budget also they give out samples.
commented Jan 21 by Kelo
How much is the usual price range?
answered Jan 25 by afnanzn (520 points)
try searching on instagram, there are quite a few of them who sell below the market price.
commented Jan 25 by anonymous
Where on instagram?
commented Jan 28 by afnanzn (520 points)
search by keywords "protein kuwait, supplement kuwait" etc.

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