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Where can I get self defense tools in kuwait?

asked Jan 26 in Other by Sarah
I get out of work at 12 am and usually i find drunk hooligans at the middle of the night on my way home. Where can i get tools to defend myself, and please dont say get self defence classes, because its expensive here in kuwait. No guns or knives please, I dont wanna kill anyone, i just wanna protect myself from perhaps someone who has bad ideas in mind under the influence of alcohol

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6 Answers

answered Jan 26 by anonymous
What drunk people? I do realize that you can find alcohol in Kuwait, but streets full of drunk people??? What are you smoking?
commented Jan 26 by Sarah
I never said streets full of drunk people, and I dont smoke, I am asthmatic
P.s. Buy glasses, you'll need 'em
answered Jan 26 by Reem
You can make your own pepper spray
I don’t know if it’s legal here
But practice using it because it may get in your eyes
Hope this helps ❤️
commented Jan 26 by Sarah
Thanks love ❤
answered Jan 27 by anonymous
they used to sell pepper spray at ACE hardware not sure if they still do. Otherwise order it from amazon if you are desperate it should go through customs if your not that unlucky. Just order it with something else.
commented Jan 27 by Sarah
Thanks love ❤
commented Jan 28 by Hams Hussein (580 points)
Unless you have a 'Wasta'. Those don't get through. I tried.  I've even looked into why self defense stuff like those are banned and not sold locally. Its pretty simple, let's just say there's just a very thin line separating defense and offense and non regulated sales of the same can end up causing more damage than good.
What I can recommend is probably making yourself one as the others have suggested,
Most of the stuff needed are available here locally. Plenty of online tutorials. I've made one for a family member some time ago.
Anyways, Cheers Love. And Good Luck.
commented Jan 28 by anonymous
Try ordering an extendo baton i dont think they will confiscate it because its practically just a stick
answered Jan 28 by anonymous
You can spray cheap perfume in their eyes as well, works equally well!!
Stay safe!!
answered Jan 28 by anonymous
Raid at the co-op.
answered Jan 29 by Avid Cyclist
Alazame sells Cold Steel sticks that double up as Hiking staffs, maybe that will help?
commented Jan 30 by Sarah
Isnt that too big?
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