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where can i adopt/buy a cat in kuwait?

asked Jun 27, 2016 in Animals by fahad
hello Mark,

First let me start with saying i'm a big fan of your blog!
I was living in the US for the past 4 years and just moved back. i'm looking into adopting a cat in kuwait but i was hoping you'd know of a place for cats other than the friday market. most of the people i asked suggested that place but i remember the animals there are usually treated horribly and usually have an illness due to the mistreatment received by their caregivers.


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13 Answers

answered Jun 27, 2016 by Mark (59,960 points)
answered Jul 11, 2016 by crazieecatlady
hope you fine a cat for you. :)
answered Aug 6, 2016 by anonymous
check out @paws_kuwait instagram account, they have animals that have animals that have been lost and operates fully on donations.
answered Aug 9, 2016 by anonymous
I have a 3-month old female kitten for adoption.  She has been vaccinated.
commented Aug 11, 2017 by Nibras
Hello please call me if you still have the cat 66131600
commented Aug 12, 2017 by Drjaviediqbal
I would like to adopt the cat if available plz call me 65658301
answered Feb 6, 2017 by HOSSAM
Dear I have one ( Scottish Fold )
and I want sale it because i'm traveling after 2 days  so if you interesting or any one he can call 94460422  

4 month age
best regards
answered Feb 7, 2017 by anonymous
check @karuq8 on ig
answered May 12, 2017 by anonymous
Royal pet(but its expensive :/ )
commented May 12, 2017 by anonymous
Oops nevermind thats a shop for dogs well if u want a dog royal pet is always waiting...
answered May 14, 2017 by Kuwait (4,470 points)
Was going to help Fahad out but just realized his question was from last summer..!!

Pretty sure he's sorted by now.
answered Jun 26, 2017 by Michael Bishop

We have to move to another country that limits how many pets we can bring into it. The result is that we can't bring out cat Tony with us. He is too sweet an animal to have his life ended. If you are still looking for a cat, please eMail me at bishop@gol.com. We must leave Kuwait by September.

Hoping to hear from you,

Michael Bishop
answered Jun 4 by anonymous
I know this post is old but I have a kitten that needs to be adopted. Let me know if you know someone. He has his vaccinations and is healthy, sweet and energetic.
commented Jul 3 by FK
Hello I'd like to adopt the cat if it's still available! Can you share a picture?
commented Jul 3 by anonymous
Hi, he is still available. I am unable to post pictures here in the comments but I can send some to your email or text you if you’d like.
commented Jul 3 by anonymous
yes please do on fatentumblr@gmail.com
commented Jul 3 by anonymous
I just sent you an email
commented Jul 14 by anonymous
is it still available??
commented Jul 14 by anonymous
Yes, he is still available.
commented Jul 16 by anonymous
how old is it and what gender is it?
could you also please send picures??
thank you
commented Jul 16 by anonymous
He’s a few months old so he’s not small anymore and as stated in a previous comment, I am unable to post pictures here so if you want them you can provide your email.
commented Jul 16 by anonymous
yes my email address is kirenq8@gmail.com.
you live in kuwait right??
commented Jul 16 by anonymous
I sent you an email.
answered Jul 18 by Mona
I have two house-cats available for adoption. Med-checked & groomed. Passed down to me from people who had to leave Kuwait. Email me HOUSE.CATS.FOR.ADOPTION@GMAIL.COM if anyone is interested.

Here are the photos
answered Aug 1 by anonymous
I have a cat that needs adopting. A boy who has his vaccinations. I can email pictures. He’s white with black spots.
answered Aug 5 by anonymous
I have a rare ancient Persian cat with blue eyes available for adoption. She is a lap-cat and extremely cuddly.

Has all her vaccinations and a good bill of health. I already have a cat and am not looking to keep another as she is a rescue from a family who threw her out when she was sick. I've spend a few months caring for her and need to find her a good home now.
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