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FJ Cruiser or a wrangler? Pros cons?

asked Feb 2 in Automotive by Mj

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4 Answers

answered Feb 2 by Mark (59,880 points)
I've had my FJ for 8 years now and wouldn't trade it for a Wrangler. Although the just released 2018 Wranglers are pretty hot, I think I'm gonna be sticking with my FJ for a few more years.
answered Feb 2 by anonymous
Avoid American cars.
commented Feb 3 by anonymous
Avoid Asian cars
answered Feb 4 by anonymous
fj without any doubt.
answered Mar 21 by dmcinc (1,750 points)
would like to know hows the space for the second row seats on the FJ.
commented Mar 21 by Mark (59,880 points)
its good, you can go to the dealer and hop into the back to try it. Definitly more leg room and space than the back seats of a 2 door wrangler.

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