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I want to drive to Bahrain on the national holidays, what are the requirements ?

asked Feb 4, 2018 in Activities by anonymous
In regards to car permit, visa etc

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3 Answers

answered Feb 4, 2018 by anonymous
Depends on your passport. some nationalities and can just sit and drive. Others need to get a visa roughly translated to "Passing by visa" for Saudi.
answered Feb 4, 2018 by forzaq8 (3,520 points)
is the car in your name ?
if its fully owned no paper for the car

if its  installment or rent you will need a paper from the company to let you exit the country with it

you will pay insurance in Saudi and in Bahrain , at the border points

if you a gulf national ( other than Qatari )
you can drive with your licence

if you are a foreigner
you will need at least 6 month on your residency
then you can use your driving licence else bring an international one

Saudi need a transit Visa
Bahrain need a visitor Visa
commented Feb 4, 2018 by anonymous
Thanks for your help.

I'm not a Gulf national and I do own my car, do you know where can I get the Saudi transit visa ? and should I get the Bahrain visa before or I can get it on arrival ? and how much do they cost and how much is the insurance ?
commented Feb 5, 2018 by Riba (2,660 points)
edited Feb 5, 2018 by Riba
answered Feb 5, 2018 by Riba (2,660 points)
edited Feb 5, 2018 by Riba
I have done the trip in 2015, so it is possible that the info I am about to share might not be valid. bit it at least gives you a starting point.

First of all, you did not specify your nationality and a lot depends on it.

Saudi transit visa was issued by Jazeera agency in Hawally.  It is near the nugra police station; if you go behind the police station (Towards the main road) you will find a bookshop (stationery shop really) called Al-Aujairi, it is right opposite that on the other side of the street. I'd post a google maps link but I am not 100% sure of the location :)...but I did find it by following the above directions.

Transit visa cost was 10 KWD and was done in a day. For Bahrain, you can get it on arrival, depending on your passport and/or profession.  Insurance is a few KD, as is the Bahraini visa.

You can find more details here:

(reposting as an answer to original question)
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