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Buying a car for 12000 kd

asked Feb 4 in Automotive by M&M
So I am looking to buy a car for 12000 kd a brand new or low mileage used car (not over 8000km)
What are my options so I know before my hunt starts.
Thanks in advance

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6 Answers

answered Feb 4 by anonymous
12000 is alot of money. plenty of options that fits you budget. For example, Dodge Charger or Nissan Maxima starts at around 8000. Honda Pilot at 9000.  FJ Cruiser around 10000.
answered Feb 4 by anonymous
Infiniti Q60
answered Feb 4 by anonymous
There is a lot of cars. Could you be more specific
commented Feb 5 by M&M
No low sports cars and no Honda or Nissan
answered Feb 5 by anonymous
brand new jeep wrangler costs less than 12,000
answered Feb 6 by anonymous
4sale application is the best option for used cars.
answered Feb 8 by anonymous
Used Audi A7
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