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Is Valentine's celebrated in Kuwait? If so does anyone know of restaurant or hotel that have promotion? Thanks for the reply.

asked Feb 9, 2018 in Events by Anonymous

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4 Answers

answered Feb 9, 2018 by anonymous
jw marriot
answered Feb 9, 2018 by anonymous
ou see decorations in stores and stuff but i dont actually know anyone that celebrates it seriously. they might tell their partner happy valentines day but other than that not really
answered Feb 9, 2018 by Maridee
edited Feb 9, 2018
Yes, Valentine's Day is also celebrated in Kuwait like other countries.

Here's what I know so far...

* At Hilton Hotel
          - You can book a romantic dinner in a private beach tent for KWD 125 per couple
          - Visit their Teatro Restaurant for Valentine's Dinner for just KWD 26 per person

* Four Seasons Hotel
          - Romantic Dinner at their pan asian restaurant Sintoho starting at KWD 65 per person
          - Special Dinner at their italian Dai Romi restaurant starting at KWD 80 per person
          - Intimate Private Dinner in a Cabana for KWD 200 per person

* Millennium Hotel
           - Candlelit Dinner at their Lamar international restaurant for KWD 29.900 per couple

* Palm Palace Lebanese Restaurant
           - Romantic Candlelit Dinner for KWD 20 per couple
answered Feb 10, 2018 by Hesham
Just saw alot of discounted offers from many hotels at www.sheeel.com

How sheeel works? You buy the coupons , it is sent to your e-mail, then you print or show from phone to the shop/restaurant once you arrive.

Have fun ;)
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