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I lost my wallet, what must I do? How can I get it back without having to reissue everything

asked Feb 16, 2018 in Other by anonymous

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1 Answer

answered Feb 17, 2018 by Killshot (750 points)
how do you get back your wallet, search for it maybe you misplaced it somewhere?

Take a deep breath and think panicking won't solve anything try to remember the last time you saw it, ok then retrace your steps.It's not working is it you retraced to a certain point and then nope, you don't know what happened next but you may actually do.

Go to sleep, no don't give up you'll find your wallet what you need to do is lucid dreaming.You don't remember but maybe it's deep in your subconscious maybe you saw something but it just sunk there, some hidden clues you don't think you picked up.Try and imagine the scenario, retrace your steps now calmly imagine the next step what happens next.

If you don't find the answers you seek let another person help you find it, someone, you trust not to take it for themselves of course.You've been too focused on it you've got tunnel vision another point of view might be helpful.

Ok then crap you didn't find it but maybe that's because it was stolen from you right in front of you,if you got mugged go to the same place you got mugged before except come prepared whatever suits your fancy pepper spray isn't good enough, I'd recommend a taser gun but I am old fashioned that way.

Maybe you got mugged and well you don't know it pickpocketed to be exact report to the police, and hope the dumbass uses your cards and sticks around.

That's as much help as I can give, good luck
commented Feb 17, 2018 by anonymous
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