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Kuwait Post Office : Has anyone else noticed a marked deterioration in services??

asked Feb 17 in Other by Anon
Not receiving my mail.  Also some time ago repeated excuses about not having necessary "Mumtaz" postal forms made me give up on that service.  What is happening??

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3 Answers

answered Feb 17 by Anonymous
Yes, usually magazine overseas subscriptions were not a problem, they would reach my door. A bit late but not a major problem

My last subscription was started in summer and I am yet to recover any magazine! I will be telling them to switch me to the digital subscription :( such a marked drop in performance
answered Apr 3 by anonymous
Ok so I am answering myself so as to inform others.  I asked a nice guy at my area post office and he told me "they are having problems at the airport" ... so now we know.........
answered Apr 4 by syedfraz (260 points)
As per the statistical information of the Ministry of Communication  (On Central Statistics Bureau website https://www.csb.gov.kw/Socan_Statistic_EN.aspx?ID=60 ) , there is quiet a drop in Postal movements but the demand for postal boxes are still high. Similarly, Landline connections have significantly dropped in Kuwait as compared to the Mobile Cellular services.

There is no major projects for revamping of the Postal services. Currently some private contractors have been hired by Postal Departments for Mumtaz and Parcel related services. But that it. There have been many proposals over the years but none have been really considered. I am hoping the government and Ministry  of Communication realise, What a gold mine the Postal, Parcel, Document Movement, Physical Telecommunication, Public Mass Transit System and other communication services are. It is a gold mine (Not only from financial perspective but with the angle of NATIONALIZATION also)
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