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Does anyone know of a place where I can get a DJI Phantom Advanced fixed?

asked Feb 18 in Technology by Wasim
AAB world doesnt fix it. Feel like the drone has battery problems? But not totally sure.

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2 Answers

answered Feb 18 by anonymous
selected Feb 19 by Mark
Best answer
Try Falcon rc hobby https://www.falconrchobby.com/
answered Jul 9 by DJN (1,910 points)
Didnt DJI recently open a store in Kuwait City, next to Dar Al-Awadi tower?
commented Jul 9 by Kuwait (4,650 points)
Its the same guys, Falcon RC... authorized DJI distributor of Kuwait.
commented Jul 9 by Mark (62,380 points)
yup, saw it last week
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