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Looking for live ladybugs!

asked Feb 19 in Animals by anonymous
Hi all,

I'm an elementary teacher and my students are learning about beneficial insects, specifically Ladybugs. Does anyone know where (if around) can I buy some live ones? Needing at least 20-30.

I've asked Petzone no luck. I've been told near the Friday market is my only luck, but since I don't speak Arabic, I'm guessing it would be a very long shot.

Anyone has any insights? # Numbers?  Cheers!

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3 Answers

answered Feb 20 by anonymous
there is a kinda season for ladybirds ... you could see them flying around long back where there was some greenery.. if you are looking for insects ..you could visit like ahmedi garden or wafra farm areas and hunt for them...rather a video of the same would do for kids anyway....somebody spotted some in may .. http://kuwaitbirding.blogspot.com/2016/05/a-bowl-of-wheatears.html
answered Feb 21 by anonymous
If memory serves correctly they should be all over the place in less than two months.  Go to Ahmadi park or Shaheed Park and collect 20-30 yourself.  Take your kids and make it even more fun.
answered Feb 24 by anonymous
if you try to go to friday makret, they are called "Om Ali" locally. maybe bring a print picture to help you out
commented Feb 25 by anonymous
Isn’t Om Ali a dessert ?
commented Feb 25 by anonymous
Om Ali is a middle eastern dessert but Ladybugs are nicknamed Om Ali as well (only in Kuwait)
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