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Anyone knows where i can get kaak with kunafa?

asked Mar 3 in Food by anonymous
Ive seen a lot of this on instagram. A lebanese bread called kaak, filled with kunafa. Any idea if this is there in Kuwait?

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4 Answers

answered Mar 3 by anonymous
What the hell? Kunafa sandwich
commented Mar 3 by anonymous
Is that a good reaction or a bad one?
commented Mar 5 by anonymous
I dont know.  Its hard to guess what it would taste like.  A few years back Kanafnji had sour Kunafa made with meat and cheese.  It was the worst thing in the universe.  Worse than AIDS
commented Mar 5 by anonymous
i mean this is only kunafa inside bread, looks pretty good
answered Mar 3 by anonymous
Al Kanafani
answered Mar 3 by anonymous
answered Mar 4 by M
Hallab الحلاب has it for sure
commented Mar 5 by anonymous
Thanks! its kinda pricy tho, have you tried it?
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