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What’s the big deal about the milk powder Kuwaitis get? It’s a big 2.5 kilo tin, from holland. My sister in law gave us a tin but I can’t see why we wouldn’t get more nutrients from actual milk??!

asked Mar 3, 2018 in Food by K8

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4 Answers

answered Mar 3, 2018 by anonymous
Ya you can buy what you need from the local dairy market. This is just part of a ration subsidy that is given to the citizens as part of government and is not available to purchase outside.
commented Mar 4, 2018 by K8
ok thanks, Im just being told my kids have to drink it and I cant see what the big deal is about it!!!
answered Mar 4, 2018 by anonymous
Fresh milk is objectively better by every single metric.  Don’t just believe stupid things.
answered Mar 4, 2018 by anonymous
If your child's diet is lacking nutrients it's better to give him formula milk. The formula milk can be of any brand and whatever your child's taste and digestive system like.
answered Mar 4, 2018 by anonymous
its subsidized. also kuwaitis in the past drank goats milk, cows milk was only available in dry form, so a lot of people prefer the taste. plus its good for if you suddenly run out
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