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Me and my father both are born in kuwait and my family is in kuwait for more than 60 years why can't we get citizenship ?

asked Mar 4, 2018 in Other by A.hadi98 (120 points)

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5 Answers

answered Mar 4, 2018 by forzaq8 (3,680 points)
You can apply but is not guaranteed
answered Mar 5, 2018 by anonymous
There is this ‘female’ MP called Safaa AlHashem who is a champion of expat rights.  I suggest you write to her a letter explaining that you want to be Kuwaiti, I’m more than confident she will help.
commented Mar 5, 2018 by Mark (65,480 points)
commented Mar 5, 2018 by anonymous
Lol i know who she is
answered Mar 5, 2018 by anonymous
Your family had a chance around 40 -50 years ago, at that time some expat families were given or offered citizenship, but I'm afraid that chance won't be given again and is gone for good.
answered Mar 7, 2018 by Khaled (3,780 points)
Kuwait is a socialist-semi-democratic state i think, is one reason offering free houses healthcare scholarships education and many other benefits, it can't afford to nationalize people.

Security reasons, demographic reasons, and more.

HOWEVER. Many families grew up in Kuwait, raised their kids and lived their whole life here. such as yourself, many Arab families Indian Filipinos after 10 years here there is no reason they should not be given some sort of benefits relief govt sponsorship, etc.. inclusive of something similar to a green card, or a form of citizenship.(a form of citizen ship sounds extremely wrong i know)

being born and raised in Kuwait, you should know most of this, and just hope that change is coming. Kuwaitis nationalized should stand with you and push for these changes as it saddens me that my friends and their families can't plan their retirement here. live securely knowing that they aren't going to be asked to leave. own land, or housing.
answered Mar 7, 2018 by Jay
Maybe no one has read this article a few months back. I myself has been here since the early 90s and both parents since the 80s. Having to look up to what the article says is a longshot but its well worth it if they do implement it. Although theres no follow up articles after this.

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