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Are there any good gyms in Kuwait? Most owners/trainers i have met are stupid beyond imagination and members end up getting hurt...

asked Mar 5 in Hobbies by anonymous

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2 Answers

answered Mar 5 by Mark (50,470 points)
There are a bunch of good ones, Inspire, The Burrow, Elite Fitness, but I personally go to X.Athletic https://www.instagram.com/x.athletic/

Sooner or later though you're bound to injure yourself if you're pushing yourself hard. If its a regular occurrence then there is definitely an issue but if its every now and then its part of gyming. I can't do crossfit for example, every time I attempt it I seem to injure myself probably due to my lack of flexibility and age. But even with regular gyming I always have some sort of injury, you're rarely ever gonna be 100%.
answered Mar 8 by anonymous
flare fitness
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