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My car plates got stolen. What do I do?

asked Mar 5, 2018 in Automotive by Jay
Well, my car has been parked legally for the passed week and took it for a drive last night and I just noticed my rear plate was missing. So, had to stop driving my car now. ( fyi my car was parked forward facing the street and the rear side was facing a wall.)

That being said, I did not find any pieces of paper or stickers around my car stating that it was confiscated. I even asked the fella that cleans my car and says he noticed it missing 2 days ago.

I came to a conclusion that it has to be a theft.

So how what do I do in this situation?

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4 Answers

answered Mar 5, 2018 by anonymous
answered Mar 6, 2018 by Jay
Just an update, went to the police station to file a police report. Told me to go to the traffic department and get a statement saying that my plate was not taken by the police. Then they would issue me a police report.
commented Mar 6, 2018 by anonymous
Lots of fun!
commented Mar 6, 2018 by anonymous
You mean the traffic dept have to check and verify it it was not taken by some traffic police and give you a letter and then take that to get a police report,
commented Mar 7, 2018 by Jay
Yup, it was lots of fun lol.

And yes basically you just get a piece of paper from the traffic department
answered Mar 7, 2018 by Jay
reshown Mar 7, 2018
Just a quick update done with the police station and my governorates traffic department. Took me just a couple of hours including travel time.

Will be heading to asema (capital governorate) traffic department for the printing of the plates tomorrow early morning.

Once done with everything, ill post fully detailed steps and procedures that I have taken. For future reference to those in need.
answered Mar 8, 2018 by Jay
Lost/Stolen car plates. Ahmadi governorate procedure.

Documents required in the beginning:
1. Original car registration and copies (2 is enough)
2. Original civil ID and copies
3. Copies of driving license
Bring with you all of the above documents then:

1. Go to traffic department with your car registration. Immediately go to 1st floor (traffic fines section) and hand over your original car registration explaining to them you need a statement for the police report of your lost/stolen license plates. Basically they will just go into their system and print a form in arabic with your fines. (Just be sure to have your fines paid before you do this step because they ask if you have fines.)
2. Go to police station closest to where you lost your license plate (i went to fintas station) and speak to one of the officers saying you need a police report for lost/stolen car plate(s) and hand him your documents (copy of car registration, copy of civil ID, copy of driving license, and traffic fine report from step 1.) The officer will bring you to a room where you just have to wait for him to write up a report for you and ask you which license plate is missing front or back. He will sign and stamp it and you’re done from the police station.
3. Go back to traffic department. Go to typing office (first door on the left  when you walk in, ahmadi governorate). Give them your documents (everything you have so far with the police report). They will type an application form (2 originals) and ask for 1KD. No need to staple. Go get  stamps for the form 2.5KD for 1 plate. Then proceed to any counter facing the entrance of the section. Hand him the 2 Original application forms, original police report, copy of your civil ID, copy of your car registration, copy of your driving license. And hand him your original civil ID.  And hand him the 2.5 KD stamp when he asks for it. He will hand you the police report and the application form, get a photocopy of each (50 fils per document) and return to the same person. Then he will hand you the print request slip (A5 size paper) you need to get this stamped from the counters opposite of the room. And you’re done from your traffic department.
4. Go to capital governorate traffic department. Entrance to the plate workshop is on the western side of the compound along its perimeter. After entering, take a right and you’ll come across a small office with a counter, hand it to the guys there, wait a few mins and congratulations.

Time taken at steps (considering you go as early as 8 AM):
1. 5-10 mins
2. 15-20 mins
3. 30-60 mins (depending on what time you reached this step)
4. 3 mins (handed my paper at 8:25AM no one else but me there)

1. Steps 1-3 were done on the same day.
2. Step 4 next day since less people at capital governorate traffic department at 8 AM (Actually not a single person was there other than me). But you can try to finish in one day if you dont mind waiting.
3. If you do not speak arabic, bring along a friend who does. You’ll get through the process quite faster. If you go alone, important arabic words and phrases will be found below.
4. Try to start the whole procedure at 8AM

Important arabic words/phrases:
‎شهادة فقدان - Shahadat fiqdan - certificate of loss (police report)
‎طلب بدل فاقد لوحة - Talab bdl faqed loha - request for a replacement of a lost plate (application form)
‎إيصال بدل فاقد لوحة معدنية - Isal bdl faqed lohat madaneya - delivery of replacement of civil license plate (print request slip)
‎معاملة - Mu’amela - dealing/process
‎مصنع لوحت - Masna’ lohat - plate workshop/factory
commented Mar 8, 2018 by anonymous
thanks for the detailed report. Hope you keep your number plates safe !  and an eye on your car...
commented Mar 15, 2018 by Dirty Dan
Thank you for the detailed lessons-learnt sharing!  Appreciate your efforts!
commented Mar 16, 2018 by flyjbfly (750 points)
Youre welcome! Just doing what I can to help those who might need the info in the future.
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