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closed Where can I find One plus 5T, the newest phone from google in Kuwait, couldn't find it on blink or xcite, where else?

asked Mar 10 in Technology by anonymous
closed Nov 8 by Mark
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2 Answers

answered Mar 10 by anonymous
commented Mar 10 by Sharan
One Plus 5T is on souq as they are the official dealers for the region. It's also available at Mobile 2000 in Kuwait but is usually out of stock.

Google Pixel 2 XL is available at Xcite.
answered Mar 11 by DJN (1,870 points)
One Plus 5T is NOT the newest phone from Google - that's Pixel 2.
commented Mar 15 by anonymous

I'm not sure if one plus 5t is from google or not, I know pixel is from google, but regardless these are two different phones, the one plus 5t is the latest release out of the "One plus" phone, which is a different from than Pixel, maybe google makes both, but the point is, they are two different phones, and one plus 5t is the latest phone from that type of phone and is actually very new and usually out of stock.
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