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Combat Roach Killer Gel?

asked Mar 13 in Other by Concerned Mom
Does anyone know where can I find this injection / gel in Kuwait and how much will it cost?

Need to know urgently since I have a baby at home and need to get rid of this problem ASAP.

My house is clean but the building haris does not clean the building properly & these roaches are swarming the garbage disposal chute which is unfortunately next to my apartment door.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

P.S.: any other suggestions to help rid of this problem are welcome
P.P.S.: i have an inquisitive crawler - so powders & baits will be very difficult

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2 Answers

answered Mar 14 by anonymous
check in local coorp for a similar gel... or check in corps... lulu u should get ...used to be there at ace but there is no stock now....
answered Mar 14 by anonymous

Consider putting a healthy dose of insecticide in your garbage chute and surrounding the area, but watch for fumes leaking into your house.  Also watch out not to inhale yourself if you are breastfeeding.

Also look for natural baby safe insect repellent, or google how to make it yourself (usually made from orange peel and vingar).

AGAIN PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY INSECTICIDE IN YOUR HOUSE WITH A TODDLER.  Roaches are disgusting but will generally not harm your baby, insecticide will cause death or lifetime disability.
commented Mar 14 by Concerned Mom
I was intending to use the gel near the chute & not in my house.

Thank you for your concern & suggestions!

P.S.: I'm still looking for the gel / injection as it's the fastest way to get rid of the roaches; we are already using the roach repellent powder (Green Leaf)  near the chute. It has reduced the problem, but not solved it.

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