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How can I go to avenues from Salmiya by bus or any other way Route to come to avenues by bus

asked Mar 30, 2018 in Other by Moses
I know I can’t go directly. Can someone guide me on how do I go to avenues. I’m in salmiya

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9 Answers

answered Mar 31, 2018 by anonymous
answered Mar 31, 2018 by Syed Fraz Mosharraf
In Most case, you will have to take 2 Combo-Bus to make it to Avenues from Salmiya, if you are okay with some walking.

The following is one bus travel from Salmiya to Al Rai area. City Bus 88 - Get down at Al Rai - CenterPoint Bus stop. You need to walk about 300 to 500 meters to enter through Avenues Kidzania direction.
BUS ROUTE DETAILS - City Bus 88 (Salmiya to Jleeb) - Salmiya Salmiya, Gad Rest., Apollo Hospital, Shaab Park, Rehab Complex, Al Rawda Co-Op, Al Sadiq Round-About, Rawda, Adaliya, 4th Ring Rd, Al Watan, Canada Dry St., Toyota Spare, Al Naki, Sultan Center, Safat Alghanim, Al Rai, Center Point, 60 Rd, 6th Ring Rd, Jleeb Co-Op, Abbassiya, German Clinic, Jleeb Round About.

Option 2 - First Catch bus to Salmiya to Mirqab/Safat (Bus no 15, 17). Then from Mirqab/Safat to Al Rai (Avenues) (59 and 507 - Get down at Center Point Al Rai-Ghazali Road - Avenue phase 4 is close) OR take bus 139 - Drops at Avenue - Al Rai - Ikea side on Bin Qassim Street
commented Apr 1, 2018 by afnanzn (720 points)
do you work for citybus? coz that is some detailed route..
commented Apr 1, 2018 by Moses
Thankyou somuch
commented Nov 22, 2018 by anonymous
Clear instructions... thanks a lot...
commented Jan 24 by Calvin
@afnanzn You can find all bus routes here http://kuwaitbus.blogspot.com/
answered Nov 22, 2018 by Jawahar baalasubramanian
There is an adjacent road near to avenue mall having city bus access,you can ask details from local people outside avenues for guidance.
answered Dec 23, 2018 by Damiano @ilbellodelweb
77 go close
answered Jan 20 by syedfraz (680 points)
New update. (20/01/2019)

City Bus  - New Route - A1 - 300 fils - Bus Frequency 30 mins

Salmiya  TO The Avenues (Al Rai)

Salmiya Khansa Street - Mughira St - Apollo Hospital  - 4th Ring Road - Sultan Center, Shuwaikh - Al Rai - The Avenues.
commented Feb 13 by anonymous
is there any way to find out the city bus route online?  thank u
answered Jan 21 by Navin
Congratulations….Citybus just launched the A1 route which goes from Salmiya to The Avenues @ 300 fils one way...
answered Feb 22 by anonymous
@ All - you can find all Bus Routes here https://kuwaitbusroute.blogspot.com
answered Mar 6 by William McKay
The best option is to study the bus route and time table
answered Mar 7 by mag
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