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Where can I format my macbook air?

asked Apr 3 in Technology by anonymous
Im looking to sell my macbook, so i want to format it as if it was new. which store in kuwait can i do it in?

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5 Answers

answered Apr 3 by Mark (61,580 points)
any of the apple resellers in kuwait. easiest probably digits in marina mall or avenues.
answered Apr 4 by DJN (1,870 points)
Umm, why cant you format it yourself?
answered Apr 4 by dmcinc (1,970 points)
why pay for it just do it yourself for free.

if you have the os flash drive just turn on the pc and hold the option key and boot into the flash drive to format it.
answered Apr 4 by Sam
I am looking to buy a macbook air and I know how to format a mac.

Let me know whats the specs and whats the price.

answered Apr 9 by karel (220 points)
Its very easy to reset your mac. You don't need to go to the store to format it. This guide help you to do it -


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