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Do Kuwait University teach in English or Arabic?

asked Apr 11, 2018 in Education by Jude
I'm a Kuwaiti student transferring from the US to Kuwait university, and I wanted to ask if KU teach in English or Arabic. I am planning on studying architecture. My Arabic is really bad, so I just want to be cautious before applying. Also, what are the conditions like at that university? Where is the architecture building?

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3 Answers

answered Apr 11, 2018 by anonymous
Architecture building is in the Khaldiya Campus.
answered Apr 12, 2018 by anonymous
Engineering and science are in english.  The textbooks are American, and the exams are in English.  However, because so many students have the opposite problem of you, the professors tend to lecture in Arabic/English.  You should be fine though.
answered Apr 14, 2018 by anonymous
lectures tends to be in a mixture of arabic and english
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