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Why can't I get a boarding pass ahead of time when I check in online to any flight originating from Kuwait?

asked Jul 9, 2016 in Other by Abdulrahman
I've tried this with multiple airlines: Emirates, Qatar, etc. and none of them can issue a mobile/print-at-home boarding pass on any flight originating from Kuwait. Instead, they insist that on a physical boarding pass that must be obtained at the check-in desks. Could someone please explain why this is the case? Is it an operational issue, or a security issue?

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1 Answer

answered Jul 9, 2016 by Mark (62,380 points)
It's probably because of both. For example they stamp your boarding pass at the immigration desk so thats one step of the way where you need a physical paper pass.
commented Jul 17, 2016 by Abdulrahman
OP here. I just remembered this: Jazeera Airways has a complete online check-in facility, complete with print-at-home boarding passes, however Kuwait Airways hits the same hurdle as the other airlines. So  why is it that it only Jazeera has this, but no other airline?
commented Jul 17, 2016 by Mark (62,380 points)
jazeera airways has machines to print out the boarding pass at the airport.
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